Gendlers, Race

Although Gendler’s look like blue furry puff balls with eye stalks, they have an extremely advanced society and excel especially in the sciences. They have loving family units and close bonds to each other but are fundamentally practical and will sacrifice themselves or their family members for the greater good despite their deep love. When the Gendlers discovered that their entire galaxy was being destroyed by a massive black hole that was spewing massive amounts of radiation out, they determined that they had to escape their galaxy quickly if their species was to survive intact. The younger generations of Gendlers … Continue reading Gendlers, Race

Private Puff Errington

Puff Errington is a member of Detach Detachment who hails from one of the seedier urban worlds of the Alpha Quadrant. These planets, first to be settled by humans as they expanded off of Old Earth, were poorly managed models of galactic settlement. They combined heavy industrialization with a large population which quickly led to poor living and education conditions. As more and more settlers travelled further into the Galaxy, these first colonies were largely abandoned to themselves. Although it is possible for inhabitants to leave these planets, economic constraints and strict legalities make it difficult. Puff was born into … Continue reading Private Puff Errington

Sergeant Wodin Whatthehel

   Wodin Whatthehell is originally from the planet of Ethos in the Logos Solar system. Wodin was politely asked to leave his planet after his love of practical jokes combined badly with his heartbreak over the loss of childhood crush to another man. Wodin refused to follow the usual path of those headstrong youths who were asked to leave or at least encouraged to go elsewhere for being too headstrong for the good of Ethos. Most of those who left went to the asteroid of Pathos that had been inserted into the Logos solar system by the GAGA in order … Continue reading Sergeant Wodin Whatthehel

Quetzal meets Consin Arkadie

The evening was marred by the weight of the chip key in his pocket. He hung around in the green room, not wanting to take the box seat with the other GAGA dignitaries and have to sidle away from the others before his act. He in fact didn’t want to see anyone, nor be in their vicinity- the chip was like a contamination that made him want to keep it from other humans. The door it unlocked made him want to shove the contents of the locked secret in the faces of the billions of people shortly about to watch … Continue reading Quetzal meets Consin Arkadie

Captain Verily Wrought

  Verily Wrought is the son of Victorinus Wrought, the CEO of Wrought Industries, Wrought Pharma, Wrought Resources, Natural Nutrive Food Corp and others. Raised on a private asteroid, Verily Wrought attended the prestigious Blackstone Academy where his schoolmates included Annanth Halvorrsson, Dominic Donovan and Wendell Mock. Verily Wrought joined the GAFF following an extensive pan-galactic humanitarian crusade where he worked closely with the GAGA Human Rights Federation, the Roman Catholic Church, the Halvorrsson Foundation among others to bring basic self-determinism in terms of resources, education and economy to planets throughout the GAGA. Following a court martial shortly after his … Continue reading Captain Verily Wrought

Announcing a new GAF Flash Fiction Contest!

This Prompt is : ALIEN ARTEFACTS This prompt centers around the finding of an alien artefact in space. It could be something as small as an alien pen or as large as a space cruiser. Write between 500-3000 words about the events surrounding it- using any of the GAF Characters in our Encyclopedia Galactica. As with all our writing activities, you can add your own characters into the mix as well! Any part of the GAGA is your setting, from the depths of HyperSpace to the luxurious celebrity colony on Brandenburg to the wilds of the Gamma Quadrant. Use your … Continue reading Announcing a new GAF Flash Fiction Contest!

Aric Drakes Lands in El Noor

Here’s an excerpt from the upcoming GAF novel, An Incident in El Noor, in which the collision of an alien galaxy with our own causes strange and dangerous effects on the most beautiful artists’ colony in the entire Galactic Association of Globes and Asteroids. In this section, undercover agent Aric Drakes gets his first glimpse of El Noor City, where he must find his contact and try to stop the war: “Here’s where I must leave you,” the Venusian gestured ahead at the great gates of El Noor City. She and Aric were poised at the ridge that ran the … Continue reading Aric Drakes Lands in El Noor

An Introduction to the GAF Universe

As the vibrant heart of StarkLight Press’ science fiction universe, the Galactic Armed Forces universe is the theatre where we put on all our amazingly creative adventure presentations. For all our new friends and fans, here is a brief overview of our flagship creative site Created in 2006, the GAF universe is an active, dynamic and growing science fiction world where commentary on today’s world blends seamlessly with high sci-fi adventure and wry comedy. It is perhaps the most detailed, plausible, relatable and fascinating creative kingdom in existence, thanks to our loyal fans and creative cohorts. Loaded with memorable … Continue reading An Introduction to the GAF Universe

Wr-i Bullets

Wr-i Bullets (Wrought Intelligent bullets) were an early invention of Wrought Industries. The general premise was based on earlier, Niles-age wireless technology. Embedded in each slug was a micro-receiver that allowed “complete control” of the bullet’s direction along the horizontal axis, and moderate control of its vertical motion based on parabolic physical principles. Nilesian bullets were quickly taken off the market due to the wifi signal’s ability to be hacked- leading to the shooters hoisting by their own pittards, so to speak. The concept was abandoned until Victorinus Wrought’s company devised nano-crystalline receivers. These tiny fibrous metallic compounds altered the … Continue reading Wr-i Bullets