A Rogue Signal

Parkes Radio Antenna Hobbyists’ Heritage Society reported on Tuesday that it had picked up a rogue radio broadcast Monday morning Australia time, from its antique, fully restored dish in Parkes, Australia. Mitch McGafferty and Slim Grippen, Society President and Vice-President, reported that for nearly an hour, a rogue signal from Continue Reading

Radio Waves are Funny Things…

In the GAGA universe, it was often remarked that the invention of radio – and the eternally emanating waves it produces – were the reason why the Earth was decimated by alien invasion in the third decade of the 21st Century. After all, radio waves propagate nearly endlessly, and as Continue Reading

GAGA Crime and Punishment

Following the end of the Second Corporation Wars in 2920, the GAGA established a well-defined criminal justice system with clearly delineated approaches to crime and punishment. The GAGA assembly drafted a Galactic Citizen’s Bill of Rights with a section dealing with citizen rights and criminal activity, entitled Rights of the Continue Reading

And the Winners Are…

Here are the winners of our GAF Mainframe short story contest! Late last year, GAF Mainframe launched a flash fiction contest about alien artifacts. Entrants had to submit a short, short story about any GAF character interacting with any alien artifact. We had some truly awesome submissions, some of which Continue Reading

Private Shady, Detach Detachment

Private Shady Age: 26 Race/Species: Northern European Nickname: Just Shady, no one except Officers even knows his real name Shady is from the large space station BiJove (short for Binary Jovian Space Station) that orbits Jupiter. An extremely old space station that has become a hub for cheap, manufactured goods Continue Reading

The Maitre Wars

By Virginia Carraway Stark and Tony Stark     The Maitre invasion is officially listed as starting in 2023 when the presence of The Maitre on Old Earth was announced but the actual invasion started many, many years before that. The invasion was a subtle affair and while widely acknowledged Continue Reading

Hollywood Stadium Cloning Inc.

Here’s a copy of the actual ad for Patrick Long’s Hollywood Stadium Cloning Inc. as it appeared in In Quotes magazine: Welcome to Hollywood Stadium Cloning Inc CEO Patrick Long A Subsidiary of: Me Love You Long Time Inventions Company Brandenburg, Old Earth, Starlight Express Asteroid Belt… All these names Continue Reading