A Word from Our President

The following is a copy of a letter sent to Galactic News Network, In Quotes magazine, CelebNow Network and other GAGA news affiliates in response to the media storm surrounding the death of the 13th Prime Minister of the Galaxy, Luis Ruiz. It was penned by his widow, Gabrielle, who is currently President of the Universe. Quit Saying I Killed My Husband(s)   Lately in the media there has been a rash of uninformed people spreading the unfortunate rumor that I was involved in my Late Husband Luis’s dreadfully unlucky accident. The truth of the matter is that people will … Continue reading A Word from Our President

Galactic Armed Forces Starship Classes and Classification System

“Having the classes of ships explained to me was a blur until I was actually taken into orbit and saw them in the shipyard. I had absolutely no reality on the size of them- even the smallest were monsters when seen in a fleet! The SpaceCruisers, described as ‘instant war’ ,were too big to take in even when confronted with them. They were the size of large asteroids or small planets and they were armed to the teeth with weaponry. They even had dozens of lesser ships jammed into them and prepared for deployment. They could take down a rebellion … Continue reading Galactic Armed Forces Starship Classes and Classification System

Lt. Wheaton’s Autobiography due to be Released

Memo TO ALL GAF MEMBERS FROM: Gen. E. Skoda, GAF HQ Fwd: Detach Detachment It has come to my attention that Sasha Wheaton, First Lieutenant of Detach Detachment, has, unknowingly and without authorization from GAF command, not only written an autobiographical expose of herself and her time with the GAF, but has arranged for its publication. Let me remind ALL GAF members, especially the miscreants of Detach Detachment, that it is AGAINST GAF POLICY to reveal the intricacies of cadet training or of operations management and logistics. To do so is in direct violation of GAGA Security Policy 1-1A and … Continue reading Lt. Wheaton’s Autobiography due to be Released

Deadline for Personnel Files

Attention Active GAF members! MEMO: Deadline for Personnel Files FROM: General Skoda TO: Every Frickin’ Body That Hasn’t Done What They’re Ordered Ahem. How long does it take you numbskulls out there to upload these personnel files? It’s been ten soladays, six and two thirds Rigeldays, and nothing. I don’t care how busy you are. I KNOW how busy you are. I give you your G*dDamn orders! So don’t send me a bunch of expensive Etherspace messages putting this off, telling me how busy you are! Those cost us money! As of this moment, any more I receive I am … Continue reading Deadline for Personnel Files