Virginia Carraway Stark Tackles the Early GAF Universe

In this artifact piece, Virginia Carraway Stark talks about the early days of the GAF on Old Earth. The Maitre committed a short-lived, atrocity-riddled invasion of our planet that was thwarted by the eventual inclusion of Earth in the GAGA; you can read here what life was like for a human on planet Earth cresting the years of the initial invasion. Hope by Virginia Carraway Stark “I’m going insane,” I said. I was trying to keep my voice calm, I was trying to keep ‘it’ from getting to me what it was a losing battle. “You’re always going insane,” Jordan … Continue reading Virginia Carraway Stark Tackles the Early GAF Universe

Frizzallians, Race

Frizzallians are a rare species who are dispersed through the GAGA sporadically having destroyed their own planet. They are a doomed species having had spawning grounds on their planet that were required for breeding. They are extraordinarily long lived, assuming they aren’t killed by their hubris they may live 800 years or more. They have the capacity to implode into a vacuum or explode into a small nuclear reaction. Usually the two capabilities cancel each other out but during the great Frizzallian civil war of 3267 a chain reaction occurred that caused the entire planet to explode and implode simultaneously. … Continue reading Frizzallians, Race

The Arkellan Treaty- Gripping, Galactic Intrigue

Look for The Arkellan Treaty, the latest GAF Mainframe canon novel, coming late in 2016 from StarkLight Press. Featuring all your favorite characters from the GAF Universe, this in depth, fast-paced novel follows the upheaval surrounding an interplanetary conflict. Planetary system Arkello has been at war with itself for decades. Now a tenuous peace has been forged between tropical paradise Arkello 2, and the more martial Arkello 4. Prime Minister Quetzal Ferguson has arrived in the system to sign a peace treaty between the planets, bringing the famous singer, Consin Arkadie, with him for good p.r. The double-appendaged Consin Arkadie … Continue reading The Arkellan Treaty- Gripping, Galactic Intrigue

Susu Frid’s Egyptian Asteroid

In this latest submission to our short story contest for GAF Mainframe, we see a behind-the-scenes snippet of Susu Frid and Private Puff’s adventures on Arkello 2. This story takes place in the middle of the action-packed events chronicled in The Arkellan Treaty, available later this year from StarkLight Press. An excellent alien artifact piece written by Sharon Flood! This story, along with all of our winning artifact entries, is eligible for inclusion in Tales from Space II, the second GAF Mainframe short story anthology. Congratulations, Sharon!     Private Susu Frid, Personal Device Vid Journal Arkellan Treaty Mission. I’m … Continue reading Susu Frid’s Egyptian Asteroid

Space Stranded: Coming Soon!

Look for this latest novel in the GAF Mainframe universe, coming late 2016! Captain Wrought, his first Lieutenant and a crew of intrepid (and dysfunctional) Detach Detachment members crash land on a rogue asteroid, desolate save for a forest of eeirie, multicolored fungi. As tensions rise and crew members are suddenly overcome by a strange, searing pain, Verily Wrought must try to find a way off of the asteroid and back into space before the strange electromagnetic field on the planet induces the destruction of their shuttle. Trying to keep a preternatural aggravation at bay amongst his soldiers is trouble … Continue reading Space Stranded: Coming Soon!

Puff Errington’s Fateful Discovery

In the next of our Alien Artifact story submissions, Jenn Spaulding tells the story of how Detach Detachment’s Puff Errington found a magic ring that led to horrific events…   Puff and the Magic Dragon’s Eye by Jenn Spaulding Before Puff got arrested and had the option to go to jail or join the GAF, she spent her whole life on her home planet of Erronburg in the Alpha Quadrant. Erronburg is an overcrowded, industrialized planet that not many of its inhabitants make it off from. Both of her parents worked many hours at the factory or were out at … Continue reading Puff Errington’s Fateful Discovery

Alien Artifact Stories are Here!

At long last, our alien artifact short story prompt brings its tales to GAF Mainframe! The GAF universe is an immense place, where all kinds of unusual, powerful and mysterious creations can fall into the hands of our favorite characters. We begin with a tale from Van Fleming, who writes about the IUS (Intelligence Universal Service) Agent Aric Drakes and his unwitting discovery of new alien armor: Next left, second right, fourth security door. Aric Drakes placed his little black box over the security device and let the nano-tech interface with the system. As far as security logs would be … Continue reading Alien Artifact Stories are Here!

Dr. Johnson-

A Glimpse into the character of Jellicman doctor, Stephen Johnson, from “Dalton’s Daughter”: At first it was just noticing that when I asked a question Stephen would answer, sounding happy and excited to share his information with me, and then I noticed that he treated Sarah as though she was stupid if she asked an equally legitimate question. I overheard Ange, one of the other nurses teasing Sarah, it was just one comment about how Steven had found fresh meat to go after and then I realized that the ‘meat’ they were talking about was me. I put togther that … Continue reading Dr. Johnson-

Puff, Susu and Shady under Whatthehel’s Command

An excerpt from “An Incident in El Noor”:   While the GAF’s most infamous unit, Detach Detachment, was known galaxy wide for the spotty array of criminals, miscreants and recidivist soldiersin the whole of the GAGA, the men who wound up serving the GAF in El Noor were even more despicable. Too useless for regular service and too dull, lazy and indifferent to warrant quarantine in the DD, they were sent off to El Noor sector to quietly run out their enlistments and either get shipped off to civilian life elsewhere or die unceremoniously in uniform. Even the incorrigibles of … Continue reading Puff, Susu and Shady under Whatthehel’s Command

Aric Drakes Excerpt

Here’s the latest glimpse into the private life of IUS agent Aric Drakes: Aric was passed out in his own bed, sprawled across the mattress like a victim of an explosion. He was lost in the sleep that only comes when the journey is done. He was often awake for days at a time. The intensity of his work led him often from one horrendous nightmare to another, fending off brutal attacks, sniper shootings, assassinations and worse in a single-minded attempt to achieve his objective. His world was not linear in the incidents of his life; on the contrary, it … Continue reading Aric Drakes Excerpt