Miller’s Creek

The community that supports Bluestone Academy and Bluestone University. Named for the original settlers, Dean and Joan Miller, the community is filled with a largely affluent population supported by an underclass of men, women and young people in the service industry. It is also frequently used by the more wealthy members of the community as a place to secure jobs for their children in order to fill out their children’s resume and ‘build character’. Miller’s Creek is located on the Miller’s Landing Planet in the Alpha quadrant (see additional entries for more information). It is known as a breeding ground … Continue reading Miller’s Creek

Brahmlie Pharma Corp.

  Brahmlie Pharma Corp. is a multi-system corporation that produces psychopharmaceutical drugs, nutritional supplements and health and wellness products for many varied GAGA markets. It is the single largest seller of high-end vitamin and nutritional supplements in the GAGA, and the second largest pharmaceutical company. Brahmlie Pharma Corp. has its headquarters on Zealand VIII in Beta Quadrant. Zealand VIII was the galaxy’s largest producer of pharmaceutical and medical drugs before the HSD epidemic. The Brahmlie Pharma Corp’s stocks plummeted during the aforementioned epidemic that swept through the Galaxy several years previously. Though the CEO, Charles Brahmlie, attempted to keep the … Continue reading Brahmlie Pharma Corp.

Gravity and the GAF Universe

In the GAGA, artificial gravity is used both on planets and asteroids and on transportation craft. Without the induction of gravity, the reach of the GAGA would be drastically shortened. Thousands of planets and stations that provide life to billions of citizens would not be able to exist.  Many chief resource sources come from asteroids and worlds that lack proper gravity fields to support the human workers who provide the raw materials. The GAGA uses old fashioned mechanical methods for roughly 70% of its gravity production on deep space and localized orbit stations. Most artificial gravitic generators are derived from … Continue reading Gravity and the GAF Universe