GAF Mainframe Opens A Fan Art Contest

GAF Mainframe is hosting an open, internet-wide contest to all aspiring artists and GAF fans. Between now and January 15th, 2015, create your own GAF artwork and send it to us here at the Mainframe to win one of two coveted spots as Enlisted Members of the GAF: 1. Staff Continue Reading

Wrought Industries

Wrought Industries is the single largest corporation conglomerate in the galaxy. It is so large and its subsidiaries so multitudinous that the GAGA had to develop its own tax code for the company to ensure all available revenues were requisitioned.  Its products include everything from toilet paper to its trademark Continue Reading

Check out our new GAF Bling!

These handy mugs and notebooks will make the ideal accessory for your office, school or home space. Proudly display your Galactic Armed Forces affiliation to the galaxy with mugs featuring Verily Wrought, Captain Wrought and Lt. Wheaton, and the GAF logo- then jot down the stunned jealousy of your compatriots Continue Reading