Dr. Christopher Buxbie

Dr. Buxbie is one of the GAGA’s most controversial figures. He is the only man or organization to have taken Wrought Industries not only the GAGA Human Rights Court but also criminal court. Buxbie has filed multiple charges against Wrought Industries Munitions and Victorinus Wrought himself- and Buxbie is also Continue Reading

Halvorrsson, Annanth

Annanth Halvorrsson is the only child of inventor and energy magnate Ivor Halvorrsson. As brilliant a scientist as her father, and as equally naïve, Annanth attended Blackstone Academy and graduated valedictorian. Having her choice of post secondary education, Annanth chose to attend Cambridge on Old Earth due to its incomparable Continue Reading

Captain Wrought, Verily

Verily Wrought is the son of Victorinus Wrought, the CEO of Wrought Industries, Wrought Pharma, Wrought Resources, Natural Nutrive Food Corp and others. Raised on a private asteroid, Verily Wrought attended the prestigious Blackstone Academy where his schoolmates included Annanth Halvorrsson, Dominic Donovan and Wendell Mock. Verily Wrought joined the Continue Reading